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Fusebox 3

Fusebox 3 is still very popular. Articles detailing Fusebox 3 are still widely used.

If you have an article on this that you want us to include on this site, (either hosted here, or via a link to something you wrote), please contact us.

The Arrival of Fusebox

Published: Octoer 4, 2002 - Nat Papovich and Jeff Peters

What is Fusebox all about in practice? There are two major aspects of Fusebox, basic concepts of the purpose of Fusebox and fundamental Fusebox principles in practice. Each of these aspects is made up of other pieces, and this article looks at them individually.

Scratching the Surface: Getting Started with PHP Fusebox

Published: May 29, 2002 - Mike Britton

The Fusebox web methodology may change the way you approach architecting data-driven web applications.

Migrating from Fusebox 2 to Fusebox 3

Sample Chapter from Techspedition’s CodeRutters series book, Discovering Fusebox 3

What should you do if you have a stable of Fusebox 2 applications? If the applications are stable, you may want to leave them just as they are; there may be no reason to migrate these to Fusebox 3. However, if you wish to migrate Fusebox 2 applications to Fusebox 3, this chapter will provide a migration path.