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General Fusebox

Not all articles on Fusebox focus on a specific version. These articles all talk about Fusebox in the abstract.

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Fusebox for Recovering Spaghetti Coders

M. Cloney

M. Cloney reveals a sordid past as a spaghetti coder, and the commendable steps taken on the path to reform. This is an entry-level discussion of the benefits of using Fusebox.

Fusebox on Wikipedia

Fusebox is a web application framework for ColdFusion and other web development languages. Fusebox provides Web application developers with a standardised, structured way of developing their applications using a relatively straightforward and easy to learn set of core files and encouraged conventions. In addition to the framework itself, Fusebox has become closely associated with a Web application development methodology developed by its proponents known as "FLiP". (Many people refer to Fusebox as a "methodology", but in fact, as stated, it's a development framework. FLiP, however, is a methodology). Many frameworks provide comparable advantages, however, Fusebox (probably on account of both its relatively long history and the sizeable and active community that supports it) seems to be the most popular one for ColdFusion. Also the framework itself has been ported and used in ASP, JSP and PHP as well. (Other than ColdFusion, the PHP version of Fusebox is the only version to gain momentum.)

Tap into Fusebox to manage program flow

Published: March 27, 2002 - Brian Kotek

Modern Web-based applications can be as complex and powerful as any "traditional" application. They are constantly changing, evolving, and incorporating new technologies and business processes. Given this complexity, the question arises: "How can I, or even a whole team of developers, manage all this?" The answer may be Fusebox methodology.

A Fusebox How-To

Published: January 27, 2000 - Hal Helms

I recently received an inquiry from a developer about my Guru-on-Call service ( He requested help in identifying the fuses he would need for his application. After reading my first two Fusebox articles in last year's CFDJ (Vol. 1, issues 3 and 4), he wrote, "I understand what you are explaining but implementing it is a little harder than I thought."

Fusebox: Methodologies and Techniques

Published: 2000 - Steve Nelson, Craig Girard, Nat Papovich, Hal Helms

The original book on Fusebox, posted with permission of Michael and Judith Dinowitz.

ColdFusion MX and Fusebox

Michael Smith

Fusebox is a popular development methodology for ColdFusion. I gave it a test drive on ColdFusion MX to see how it fared and to look for new possibilities with the new features in ColdFusion MX such as CFCs and functions.