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Below are all the blogs we know of that contain information on Fusebox. If we've missed one please Contact Us.

Barney Blog
Barney Boisvert blogs on technical issues relating to CFML as well as Fusebox.
Jeff Peters maintains a website containing Tools, Musings and of course, Fusebox!
John Beynon's Blog
Includes an excellent "Learning FB" section.
Sean Corfield's Blog
The current author of the core files, Sean blogs from everything from Fusebox to his cats.
Employing some of the luminaries in the Fusebox world, the Webapper folks also blog!
Brian Kotek's Blog
An excellent programmer and author of some great Sample Applications
CFFrameworks Blog
A blog for and about various ColdFusion Frameworks, including Fusebox
Sandra Clark's Blog
Blogging about Fusebox, CSS and Accessibility
Derek Hedstrom's Blog
Derek's Fusebox-related blog entries