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A plugin is a code set that can be executed during a specific "plugin point" during a Fusebox request. Plugins were introduced at version 4.0. Plugins are great ways to create shareable pieces of code that are useful to a wide variety of developers, but don't necessarily have to be a part of the core files. Plugins make a lot of sense for scenarios such as exception handling and security.

Fusebox 5


There were plugins that various people created and we had linked here. Their sites have changed so the links no longer worked. If you have a plugin to add please contact us

Fusebox 4


Nested Settings
Plugin to mimic Fusebox 3 nested settings. Placed in the PreFuseaction plugin point.

Exception Handler
Plugin for simple exception handling at the fuseaction, circuit and application level. Used in the fuseactionException plugin point.

Allows a single top-level include during the preProcess plugin point.