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Sample Applications

Sample Applications for Fusebox are simple applications that illustrate certain concepts. Our library is growing and we hope you check back often to see whats new. Sample applications are divided by Fusebox version and most use the Model/View/Controller (MVC) design principle, which is recommended. A sample application will typically use a set of core files that were current as of the date the application was created. The applications may or may not be forward compatible with later versions.

Core files and skeleton applications can be downloaded from the core files section of this site.

If you have a sample application you would like to contribute, please contact us. Sample applications that we would like to see contributed include: blogging software, contact manager, forums, wiki.

Fusebox 5.5


No XML rewrite of Fusebox Bookstore
John Whish's reworking of Brian Kotek's Bookstore application using Fusebox 5.5 no XML. Details of the project can be found at:

Fusebox Cat Club Sample Applications
Various versions of a Cat Club application originally created by Sean Corfield. These have been updated to work with Fusebox 5.5, including a "no-XML" version. The readme file has full details.

Fusebox 5.1


Contributed by Jared Rypka-Hauer: This is a simple POP client sample app. It only receives email with no sending. It handles attachments, lists the contents of your POP mailbox, and allows you to read messages.
Demonstrates the use of layout fuses, XML vocabulary, and "classic Fusebox" with an MVC bent.

Fusebox 4.1


Fusebox 4.1 Bookstore Sample Application
Brian Kotek's "Fusebox Bookstore" reworked using Fusebox 4.1. This sample application illustrates extensive use of OO principles.

Fusebox 4


We got Widgets Reference Page
The We Got Widgets reference application was created to illustrate concepts in Fusebox 4.

The Office
Shows advanced use of security and permissions utilizing a plugin.

The Family
Illustrates Nested Layouts using the prefuseaction and postfuseaction functionality.

Lets Make a Deal
Illustrates a simplistic security mechanism

Migration from FB3 to FB4
Shows the same application in both Fusebox 3 and Fusebox 4. Please note that this application might have some beta period features that did not make it to the official release.

CF 5

The Family for CF5
Illustrates Nested Layouts using the prefuseaction and postfuseaction functionality.

Lets Make a Deal for CF5
Illustrates a simplistic security mechanism

Fusebox 3

FB3 Simple App
Simple Application for Fusebox 3.