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WeGot Widgets

Wegot Widgets is a standard reference application for Fusebox 4. A reference application serves as a common frame of reference for discussion of technical issues. When you want to discuss a particular question, you can use one of the reference application variants to illustrate your question to other developers.

The Wegot Widgets application comes in several variants, beginning with the Basic application. Each variant is based on either the Basic application or another variant. This results in several "tiers" of variants, each building on the previous application. The purpose of this is to make comparison between applications easier. The variant files are named so as to indicate this relationship as well. Each file name has a tier in it (except the Basic, which can be though of as Tier 0). So the file WegotWidgetsTier01-CCV-2005-02-08.ZIP indicates that it is a Tier 1 variant, i.e. it is a variant of the Basic application. Tier 2 and higher variants indicate their relationship by noting the earlier variant last. So the file is a Tier 2 application based on the CCV application in Tier 1 (WegotWidgetsTier01-CCV-2005-02-08.ZIP).

Currently, the WeGot Widgets variants are only available in ColdFusion.

General Purpose Sample Applications can be found at our Sample Applications Page.

Currently available WeGot Widgets for Fusebox 4.x and Fusebox 5.x

SQL Scripts to generate the Wegot Widgets database (MSSQL and MySQL) .

Tier 0

Basic Application for Wegot Widgets
Author: Hal Hels & Jeff Peters
The basic Wegot Widgets application. Demonstrates "classic" Fusebox layout, with a header-content-footer approach.

Tier 1

Tier 1 variants build on the basic application, showing specific concepts which were added.
Author: Jeff Peters
Demonstrates Content Component Variables (CCV) for layout instead of the header-content-footer method.
Author: Brian Kotek
Demonstrates the use of ColdFusion Components with Fusebox (not an MVC implementation).

Tier 2 Variants

Tier 2 variants take applications from Tier 1 and build on them, illustrating more complex concepts.
Author: Brian Kotek
Demonstrates an object-oriented approach using CFCs (still not MVC)
Author: Sandy Clark
Demonstrates Section 508 compliant (accessible, standards-based) design with Fusebox using Content Compoent Variables.