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Getting Started

Congratulations on choosing Fusebox, the most popular and oldest framework for ColdFusion and also available for PHP. This section is designed to walk you through the fusebox process. Think of it as a one stop shop to beginning Fusebox.

If you aren't totally sold on Fusebox yet, check out our Why Use Fusebox Section.

What is Fusebox?

Don't even know what Fusebox is? Check out this section to understand more about the Fusebox framework.

Downloading Fusebox

The first step to using fusebox is to download the core files. The core files are the set of ColdFusion or PHP files that comprise the fusebox framework. While you are downloading the files, make sure you pick up the skeleton application as well. You will be using this in the installing and setting up sections. Make sure you download the core and skeleton files under "Current Version".

Installing Fusebox

Now that you have the core and skeleton files, what do you do with them? How do you install Fusebox? This section makes all of that crystal clear.

Setting up Fusebox

How do you configure a Fusebox Application? Enter this section to learn how.


All the documentation for Fusebox at your fingertips.

Sample Applications

Feeling like you want to delve more deeply into learning about certain aspects? Check out the Sample Applications available to you.