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Downloading Fusebox

The instructions in this section deal with the latest files for Fusebox. At the time of this writing, the current version is 5.5.1.

There are two sets of files that make up what most people think of as Fusebox. If you are just getting started and this is your first time using Fusebox, then you will want to download both sets. You can download the latest files from our downloads section.

The Core Files are what makes Fusebox, Fusebox. If you already have an older version (5.0+) and need to upgrade, you would simply download the core files and overwrite your old ones. For the purposes of this discussion, the assumption is that this is the first time using Fusebox, so not only are the Core files necessary, but the skeleton files are also a must.

The skeleton files comprise a complete system for working within Fusebox except that they don't contain the Core Files. The skeleton archive follows an MVC (Model/View/Controller) Design Pattern, which many of us have found extremely useful for developing applications.

So go ahead, download both the core files and the skeleton files now and then join us in the Installing Fusebox Section.